Creating Email Notifications & Alerting


This article contains all steps on how to Create Email Notifications & Configure Alerts within 5nine Cloud Manager. 



  • 5nine Cloud Manager Edition

  • 5nine Cloud Manager Free Edition (Limited)



  • Hyper-V Hosts added to 5nine Console

Quick Steps

  • Step 1: Open the Home Tab and select Notifications > Notifications Email Settings

  • Step 2: Check Enable e-mail notifications and configure SMTP Server Settings

  • Step 3: Open Alerts and specify threshold values for notification alerts

You have separate sections for Host, VM and Cluster Alerts.. Values that are set to "0" will be disabled. Warning and Error threshold values cab be set to trigger alerts when a value either falls below or above value set

  • Step 4: Open Event Alerts and select the desired events to enable alerting for that event. 

Event alerts are configured to transfer native Microsoft events into the 5nine Cloud Manager monitoring plugin

  • Step 5: Open Backup and Replication Alerts. Select the required check boxes for the desired events to be notified via email.



Congratulations you have just completed Creating Email Notifications & Alerting using 5nine Cloud Manager!





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