5nine Cloud Security Release Notes


This article contains all release notes for 5nine Cloud Security Hyper-V / SDNv2 / Azure environments.

To ensure proper product operation, 5nine recommends keeping your Cloud Security product updated to the latest release.


  • 5nine Cloud Security Hyper-V
  • 5nine Cloud Security SDNv2
  • 5nine Cloud Security Azure



12.0.1608.0 - February 26th, 2019


  • Bitdefender 3.0 SDK integrated
  • Kaspersky SDK updated to version
  • Implemented https support for Cloud Security Web UI

Bug Fixes:

  • SQL CE queries optimization for VM groups replication
  • Fixes for environments with Hyper-V Replica used (creating schedules, AP agent state, IP/MAC address collecting, VM state)
  • Fix to AV schedules start
  • IP addresses can be separated by comma or new line
  • Fix to removing from quarantine
  • Other minor fixes discovered during development process


12.0.1031.0 - November 6th, 2018


  • Release of Cloud Security for Azure Environment. Allows users to secure and protect multi-tenant Azure environments. For more information please visit https://www.5nine.com/cloud-security-for-azure/
  • Azure Security installer updated with the latest version
  • SQL server connection settings encryption implemented

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix to empty policy file. File will be filled with default settings
  • Fixed an error in bootstrap installer on Start button click if no product selected
  • Minor text/logic Fixes to Web UI
  • Fix to high memory usage by AV
  • Fix to management server connection from host management service in case with DR and several host groups
  • Fix to scheduled AV scan job edit for removed tenant
  • Fix to empty AV policy files
  • Fix to WAP subscriptions replication
  • SDNv2 - Added AV log export feature
  • SDNv2 - Weekly scan next run fix
  • SDNv2 - Removed Users tab from VM group view
  • SDNv2 - Fixed host service crash on service stop

11.2.918.0 - September 18th, 2018


  • General Improvements to usability of the Management Console
  • Added extra logging for Virtual Machines list synchronization

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix to scheduled weekly AV scan for SDNv2 version
  • Fix to WAP subscription VMs sync and WAP update compliance
  • Fix to billing report for environment with duplicated VM IDs (Hyper-V Replica)
  • Fix for auto add Virtual Machines from subscriptions to Cloud Security tenants. Virtual Machine will not be added to tenant if it is already associated with another tenant.
  • Fix to include Signature Version in the Anti-Virus report
  • Set default time to Now in Reboot Scheduler window

11.2.816.0 - August 21st, 2018


  • WMI performance improvements for large environments
  • Various Anti Virus performance improvements 
  • Added licenses list dialog into Management Service installer. Now user can review list of already installed licenses and add new ones
  • Added Users tab to tenant node in Management Console
  • Automatic inclusion of newly added Virtual Machines in AV scans
  • Management Console VM tree performance enhancement

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix to data replication between Management Service
  • Fix for WAP (Azure Pack Extension) tenant firewall log events time
  • Fix for rules import for WAP
  • Fix to removing of inaccessible hosts problem - June 12th, 2018


  • Sort VM Groups alphabetically in Add Rule dialog 
  • Reboot Schedulers dialog, Virtual Machines tab of VM group nodes.
  • Audit Events replication fix for environments with DR. There was events multiplying on each sync and it could cause SQL server overload and Management Service slow work.
  • Anti Virus Active Protection Performance improvements

Bug Fixes:

  • Auto-reboot option for Host Service remote installer fix
  • Fill Signature column in AV report
  • Fixes for environments with duplicated VM ids (Hyper-V Replica used).
  • Fix to error message with null pointer exception on hosts list retrieving from Web UI.
  • Rules replication fix for environments with DR. - January 23rd, 2018 0 Initial Release

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